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Established in 1948, take a look at who we are and what we do. You will find
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focus on continuous improvement.

Multi-Spindle Machining

K & Y has a variety of multi-spindle automatic screw machines in two facilities in Canton, Michigan. Our larger capacity automatic screw machines (Euroturn and Acme Gridley) give K & Y capacities up to 42mm which is 1.654". Our Davenport machinery yields capacities up to .875".

Transfer Machining

It is K & Y's goal to be ahead of the market and our investment in transfer machinery is evidence of that philosophy.

CNC Machining

K & Y has invested into CNC, single, and multi-spindle machinery. Our single-spindle machinery includes Miyano CNC Lathe. Our vertical machinery includes Haas vertical machining center and our multi-spindle machinery includes Euroturns automatic screw machines with CNC Slides.

Production Grinding

Our production grinding department has Cincinnati Centerless Grinders in several capacities at both locations. K & Y routinely grinds millions of parts per year achieving the level of tolerance required.

Secondary Operations

K & Y is proud that all machining operations can be achieved in house. This reliable approach is a great time saver. Our secondary operations include broaching, thread rolling, grinding and vertical machining.


K & Y has stayed ahead of the curve by investing into equipment that certifies 100% parts to print. This is achieved through an automated system utilizing cameras to measure the critical characteristics of the parts.

Cleaning Technology

To help keep parts-per-million rating near zero and metal chip contaminants to a minimum, K & Y uses the latest in cleaning technology. Our cleaning department utilizes patented Bowden Turbo Wash systems and a Better Engineering automatic parts washer. Using this equipment helps ensure that our customers receive the cleanest parts achievable through a production process.


We maintain strict tolerances during high volume production. We manufacture tens of millions of parts a year with tolerances less than .0002".


As a Tier 1 supplier, K & Y knows what late deliveries can mean for customers. This is why on-time delivery is one of our top priorities. We collect our data for industry benchmarking purposes, with our ultimate goal being 100% on-time delivery. As a Tier 1 supplier (beginning in 1996), K & Y has not had one late delivery.

Quality Assurance

We employ the latest technology in all steps of the manufacturing process to maintain the highest level of quality. Plant floor data collection allows our quality department to verify that production processes are in control.

Certified QMS

Through dedicated teamwork, K & Y has established a quality system that is ISO:9001 certified QMS through American System Registrar. K & Y is certified QMS. Click here to view our ISO:9001 Certificate

Equipment List

  • Multiple Spindle
  • Davenport (Capacity to 7/8″)
    • Model B 9/16″ Standard
    • Model B 9/16″ Standard Extended Bed
    • Model B 3/4″ Oversize
    • Model B 3/4″ Oversize Extended Bed
    • Model B 3/4″ Oversize Chucker
  • Acme-Gridley 6 Spindle 1 1/4″ RA6
  • Euroturn Model 6-25
  • Euroturn Model 6-32 (Capacity to 1 1/4″)
  • Euroturn Model 8-42
  • Single Spindle
  • Brown & Sharpe
    • #0 Brown & Sharpe
    • #00 Brown & Sharpe
    • #2 Brown & Sharpe
    • #3 Brown & Sharpe
  • Rotary Transfer
  • BTB BB524 TRO 10S-10U ISO 30 CN-EL
  • Hydromat Model VM16-34
  • CNC
  • Miyano Model BNC 34-T
    • Capacity 1 3/8″ Bar Fed
    • Capacity 5″ Chucker
  • Miyano Model BNC-34T (3x)
  • Miyano Model BNC-42C5
  • Miyano Model BND-34S2
  • Miyano Model BND 42
  • Secondary Operations
  • Ty-Miles MB 6-36-90 Production Broach
  • Ty-Miles MB 6-36-120 Production Broach
  • McClean FP-27 Computerized Lathe
  • Feeler Speed Lathe
  • Kinefac MC5-F Thread Roller
  • Dumore Cross-Drilling Machine
  • Hardinge Lathe DSM-59
  • Sunstrand Horizontal Production Mill
  • Sweco 4 Cubic Yard Vibratory Finishing Machine
  • Grinding
  • #2 Cincinnati Centerless
  • #4 Cincinnati Centerless
  • OM Cincinnati Centerless
  • OMV Cincinnati Centerless
  • Cleaning
  • Fourway Automated Parts Washer
  • Bowden CRB-4-160 Automated
  • Aqueous Parts Washer with Ultra-Sonic Cleaning
  • Bowden CRB-3-160 Aqueous Parts Washer
  • Cyclojet Model 3 Automated Aqueous Parts Washer
  • Inspection
  • MAHR Surf CD-120 Contour Measuring Machine
  • Automated Inspection Devices
  • Gage Master Series 20 Optical Comparator
  • Mitutoyo PH-3500 Optical Comparator
  • Model 6500 Signature Analysis Thread Inspector
  • Anstat Software with SPC Capability
  • GenNet Data Collection on Plant Floor with Real-Time Data